Available services

  • Object-Oriented Analysis and Design using UML.
  • Information systems architecture.
  • Internet and Intranet applications architecture and development.
  • Design, documentation and code reviews.
  • Development and reuse of OO design patterns.
  • Custom development of C++ applications and class libraries under Unix / Linux
  • Custom development of Java applications, applets, servlets, reusable JavaBeans and class libraries.
  • Linux operating system support, configuration and training.
  • Development tools and CASE tools evaluation and deployment.
  • Java libraries and frameworks integration
  • Technical know-how assessment for employee recruitment.
I have accumulated a significant application-domain expertise in the following areas:
  • Financial & business applications
  • Interactive web site development.
  • Network protocols & components
I'm open to working in other application domains, since my focus is mainly on the technical aspects of software development itself (architecture, structure, efficiency, performance, etc...). In this case I would need appropriate support from application-domain specialists or end users.