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T4 - a free strategy board game for Windows


T4 is a challenging board game for Windows. It can be played against the computer or between two human players.

It's a game with simple rules, not unlike Othello/Reversi or Four-In-A-Row, but richer and more complex.

It has the interesting twist that your opponent can choose which piece you will play. (But you can take your revenge when it's her/his/its turn).

The computer opponent plays a fairly decent game, with parametrable skill levels.

The detailed rules of the game are explained in the program's help file.

Here's a  sample T4 game running.

T4 has won Envelope Games' DARN FINE GAME award, which, in their own words, is given to "independent game inventors whose games exhibit originality, intelligence, quirkiness, hilarity ... in other words, good game qualities".


The installation package. Download it if you want to play T4.
The source code package. Download it if you're a programmer and want the source code. I've written T4 using Borland C++ 4.5, which is fairly antiquated by now. You'll need a Borland C++ development environment to rebuild the game from the source code.


  1. Download the installation package and save it in a temporary directory.
  2. Run the program t4_e.exe by double-clicking its icon.
  3. Now you should see a setup.exe program in the same directory. Run it.
  4. T4 is now accessible via your "Start" menu