Professional experience

5/2006 - 7/2006Unic Internet SolutionsZürichAnalysis, design and implementation of an EPP server (RFC 3730), interfacing with the main application managing the .ch ccTLD
  • Analysis and UML modelisation
  • Implementation (J2EE/JMX/Java 5,XML Schema,XPath)
  • Development of unit tests
11/2005 - 3/2006SymptothermMorgesComplete development of a J2ME application for Java-enabled mobile phones implementing the rules of a female contraception method described at
  • Analysis and UML modelisation of the sympto-thermal method rules as a state machine.
  • Complete implementation of the Java ME client and unittests (J2MEUnit)
  • Device testing and deployment setup (using WAP Push), in cooperation with the server-side developer.
5/2005 - 10/2005Unic Internet SolutionsZürichWork with Unic Internet Solutions on the new domain name registration application for the .ch ccTLD (
  • Production of test scenarios for manual GUI testing
  • Production of test data
  • Definition and implementation of unittests with JUnit
  • Application test and debugging assistance
  • Environment: Solaris, JBoss, Oracle
3/2005 - 4/2005Unic Internet SolutionsBernDevelopment of a Java application to manage scheduled import/export of customer data files into/from a proprietary application.
  • J2EEApplication (JSTL/JSP/Servlets)
  • Web interface (HTML/CSS/JavaScript)
5/2004 - 1/2005Esmertec AGNeuchâtelMobile phone application development (e-mail, Instant Messaging).
  • Java (J2ME) environment.
  • Definition of a component architecture
  • Setup of a build infrastructure using ant
  • Application implementation, optimization and test
  • Technical documentation
8/2003 - 3/2004VIPSGenevaParticipation in the development of the interactive medical training website
  • Development and refactoring of Java code and JSP pages. Tomcat application server, MySQL, JDBC.
  • Setup of a source code repository and build infrastructure using CVS, ant, and SSH.
  • User interface development with HTML, CSS and Javascript
10/2000 - 6/2003Swiss Federal Statistical OfficeNeuchâtelTechnical assistance for the 2000 Swiss Federal Census.
  • Software development (Java,Oracle PL/SQL, Python, shell)
  • Process and application modeling using UML.
  • Data analysis and process control (Oracle PL/SQL)
  • Participation in the final evaluation report on the
  • software-related aspects of the project.
  • Software-related assistance to the project manager.
7/2001 - 8/2001InstantsoftCampbell,CA, USA
  • Architecture and design consultancy (UML, J2EE, EJB).
  • Development of XML/XSLT based components.
7/2000 - 10/2000Banque PictetGenevaPorting of a financial data framework from Smalltalk to Java.(J2EE/J2SE, Visual Age, Pervasive SQL).
12/1999 - 2/2000Skyweb SARenens/VDDevelopment of the site, a simple marketplace website. Technologies: Perl, MySQL
9/1999 - 5/2000Swiss Federal Statistical OfficeNeuchâtelDesign and implementation of an interactive exhibition.
  • System architecture and design
  • Implementation of the server side software (Perl, C, shell scripts)
  • Implementation of data management for the visitor-related data and for the featured statistical data.
9/1998 - 5/2000CSCGenevaContract work for Computer Sciences Corp. (CSC)
  • Participation in the development of an intranet application used for the management of internal resources.
  • Java technical reference and mentor
  • Development of application components (class libraries and servlets).
  • Architecture, design and implementation of class libraries for an intranet warehouse management application (HTML, Java servlets).
  • Architecture, design, and implementation of a resource planning application (Java, Swing, SQL-Server).
7/1997Sun Sun Certified Java Programmer certification
3/1996 - 1/1997ACNNeuchâtelDesign and implementation of software components for a combined Ethernet switch / IP router.
  • Participation in the porting of a Unix-like kernel to proprietary RISC-based hardware.
  • Participation in the development of Ethernet switching software for this hardware. C language, kernel programming.
  • Participation in the development of ad-hoc local and remote management tools for this product (C language, SNMP)
9/1995 - 2/2000Hewlett-PackardGenevaContract work for HP's EMEA headquarters in Geneva.
  • Development of business applications using Oracle 7 (Pro/C and PL/SQL, HP-UX)
  • Evaluation and review of subcontractor code, including development of a C++ test framework.
  • Participation in the specification process for a reseller management business application.
  • Integration of public-domain Unix security tools into the enterprise security architecture (C, awk , shell,HP-UX)
  • Development of a custom network management tool using Tcl/Tk and the SNMP protocol.
  • Development of intranet and extranet Web applications (Perl, Javascript, DHTML,Oracle 7)
  • Development of an XSLT-based publication toolchain allowing to publish PDF or navigable Web version of agendas from a single XML source. Technologies: Apache Cocoon and FOP
9/1995 - 3/1996Ecole Technique SupérieureSaint-ImierTeaching. Taught subjects: Pascal programming and realtime programming using Ada.
1/1995 - 7/1995Crédit SuisseZürich
  • Definition and implementation of a version control & configuration management environment (SunSoft TeamWare, sccs)
  • Specification and implementation of OO design patterns (C++, Booch methodology).
  • Participation in reviews of architecture, analysis and design documents(Booch methodology).
1/1994 - 11/1995Ascom Infrasys SAMarin / NE
  • C++ programming guidelines
  • Source and code management guidelines
  • Definition and installation of a version control & configuration management environment (SunSoft TeamWare, sccs)
  • Object-oriented application analysis and design (Booch/OOSE methodology, Rational Rose CASE tool).
  • Implementation of a user interface prototype for a call management application (C++, Windows NT).
  • Specification, design and implementation of C++ components and patterns.
11/1991 - 1/1994Ascom Infrasys SAMarin/NE
  • Development of modules for a proprietary security network (Modula-2, Intel 80186).
  • Financial application prototyping (Sun Solaris 2, C++, Booch methodology)
    • 3 month evaluation of object-oriented analysis and design m ethodologies available at the time (Booch, OMT,Shlaer-Mellor,...). Booch methodology retained.
    • Analysis, design and C++ implementation of the back-end part of the prototype.
7/1991 - 10/1991ESNIGNeuchâtelTeaching (evening courses, Basic and C programming)
12/1990EPFLLausanneEngineer's degree in computer science.